Joint Ventures

Eureka Groups provide a platform for you to enter into a Joint Venture agreement and invest your capital in a safe and risk- free way.  The company guarantees your capital in Joint Venture, but the returns are not. The profit on joint venture investments and the period are not certain; through we can expect a return of 18 to 30% in a period of 1 year duration.Eureka groups has invested in lands across Chennai, Coimbatore and its surrounding areas; Also we have discussions on joint ventures for investments in Madurai, Hosur, Nilgiris, agri lands in Karnataka & Kerala.How a Joint Venture works ?The members of Eureka groups identify a Project and bring it to the notice of the directors.  They take up the matter in Board meeting and get clearance.  Small and emergency projects are given approval if they satisfy the basic norms of the company pending the final approval of the Board.Once the project is approved, Project Director in consultation with the company identifies a Project Team and procure necessary capital and formulate guidelines for the execution of the project. Periodical accounts on work in progress should be given to the Board, say once in 3 months.

Flow chart of Joint Venture:

Investment Pattern:

Unless the Project Director is the director of  Eureka Groups, he should bring his own share of investment, which is in between 25% and 75%  If he is a director, any member of Eureka groups can assist him, as and when required.

Investment in Joint Venture:

In addition to Project Director any member of Eureka groups can invest necessary funds with the concurrence of Project Director.


Once the Project gets the stamp of the company, the company will fire all the cylinders for effective execution of the project.  The proceeds will be shared as per the guidelines already formulated.  The general pattern of division is as follows.

Joint Venture Project is in Hand: