1.Can anybody join in chit?
No problem, if they know either our customer Or any of the shareholders.

2.Can a person join in another group, if he is already A member of a group?
Okay, if he has no outstanding dues.

3.How to participate in tender?
Please come on auction day and bid in office / send A tender form with bid amount / just phone us.

4.Who can participate in tender?
Any unprized member, when he has NO OUTSTANDING dues.

5.Can we avail loan on unprized chit?
Spot remittance, so long it is within The amount remitted to the company.

6.When the prize amount is released?
As soon as you fulfil the formalities. It can be next Day of bidding.

7.How it is given?
By RTGS, NEFT or Cheque as you desire to the Subscriber or whoever he/she directs.

8.What are the formalities to take chit amount?
Document within the district which has double the Market value of total future dues.
In case the customer has any other unprized chit already With us, to that extent, no other security is required.
For the Eureka Shareholders, to the extent of market Value of shares no other security is required. OR For star customers, depending upon the future dues, Family member’s security.

9.Why to join in Eureka groups chit?
High profitability for saving customers.
Eg. In Rs.5 lakhs chit, a member who takes in last month Gets a monthly profit of nearly Rs.2000/- (for a monthly Contribution of Rs.17,000) Bonus of ½ % or 1% for every prompt payment of dues.
A businessman / a member of a group can avail the chit Amount anytime satisfying the formalities, EVEN IF HEHAS NOT TAKEN THE CHIT/LLB. Income Tax benefit for the early takers.

10.How to know the chit dues in every month?
The company sends Monthly letter, SMS and posts in Internet –> My Account.

11. What is our security for paying money to you?
Eureka groups has a strong asset base and credibility of settling dues in time for the last 33 years.

12. What if the auction day is holiday?
The very next working day at the stipulated time Auction is held.