Eureka groups

Eureka Groups is aninvestment conglomerate with our sole priority being to ensure that your investment is Secure and Giving Safe Returns.

At Eureka Groups, investment is at your fingertips- there is a plethora of opportunities for you to choose from. You can be benefited from short term/ long term, recurring and fixed  investments,  real estate/ joint venture/ stock options and of course our primary concern – chit funds.

Eureka groups was founded on 30 DECEMBER 1986, and has grown phenomenally over the years. We have expanded from our first 20 customers to now a burgeoning investment corporate  of over 2000 members.  Our growth rate in the past few years has been exceptional  giving way  to  limitless possibilities.

–  Tokeep your investment secure

–   Togive excellent returns

–   To create and hold together a vibrant Eureka Family